About Us

Mr.Shun Murakoshi


My residence is in Kamakura which is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. I have lived in Kamakura for 16 years. In my view, it is one of the most beautiful and historically important cites in Japan. As a long term resident, I know all the popular attractions in Kamakura, as well as other interesting places off the beaten path.

Japan National Licensed Tour Guide

Licensed by JNTO* (Cert.No. EN01444), I am qualified to be your guide throughout Japan. My specialty is Kamakura, my place of residence. Throughout the years it has been my pleasure to meet visitors from overseas. Gratefully, I have also learned many things about people’s history, habits and culture. I wish to reciprocate and share my culture with others through a personal tour of Kamakura.

* Japan National Tourism Organization

Earlier Career

I worked as a chemical engineer for sixteen years and as a manager in the sales and marketing departments of several companies. I visited many foreign countries in Europe, North America and Asia. I developed many friendships during this time which I maintain to this day.


I believe having some knowledge of another’s culture goes a long way to having a better understanding of each other. I want to share my culture with you and do so in a way you find rewarding and fun. As my guest, please count on me to be flexible to your needs as you absorb Japanese culture.



Ms.Noriko Nakayama

Hello! My name is Noriko Nakayama. Please call me Noriko. I have been living in Tokyo for more than 50 years. I also lived in Baltimore, Maryland for two years.
As your professional guide, I sincerely look forward to helping you enjoy your stay in Tokyo.









Ms.Asami U

Kamakura guide_uchikiWelcome to Kamakura! My name is Asami. I am honored to show you around my favorite city Kamakura.

Kamakura is a beautiful cozy city which has a long history of samurai, zen and other Buddhism culture and plenty of nature including mountains, the sea and seasonal flowers . I was born in Yokosuka City which is close to Kamakura. Now I live in Yokohama City which is a beautiful port city also close to Kamakura where foreign ships arrive and depart.

Since I was a little girl I have been to Kamakura numerous times. Even today I enjoy a wide variety of activities in Kamakura such as visiting temples and shrines, hiking in mountains, experiencing zazen (Zen Buddhist meditation) , visiting fashionable local cafes and so forth. Kamakura attracts many people including myself. I hope you will like Kamakura, too.

Certified as a licensed guide (Cert.No. Kanagawa Prefecture EN01451), my goal is to meet various guests from all over the world and to keep learning about Japan and Japanese culture so that you could get interested in Japan more. At the same time I wish to learn other cultures from you. I hope you will have a wonderful day in Kamakura. Let’s enjoy YOUR tour!


Ms.Kazuyo Takatori

高取さん v-2 28-3-3

Of all the places in the world, I’ve come to love Kamakura the most! Kamakura has it all: historical sites, beaches, greenery, …etc. You can enjoy many happier moments as you sit peacefully in the silent halls of the temples, as you walk through wooded paths and as you watch the waves on the beach. I, a resident of Kamakura will guide you to all the lovely and cozy places which only the locals know(*^^)v








Ms.Mariko Takehana

Hello! My name is Mariko Takehana. I am National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter English.

My home town is Nagano, famous for Ski resort and snow monkey for foreigners. I left my home town when I started to study in Tokyo, and after that I lived in Germany, UK and France about 15 years to work and study, now I live in Tokyo. Living in Europe provide me a lot of new experiences including learning about differences in culture, religion of the people in a same work place.

Before I started a professional guide, I worked in IT industries and the finance. In 2022, I was qualified a forest therapy assister in Okutama region, Tokyo and do the forest therapy guide there, too.

I look forward to meeting  you here in Japan and enjoy your new experience!