Mt.Fuji Sightseeing | Guided Tour and guide fee

For your Mt.Fuji tour, one of our certified veteran guides will guide you. Some standard courses are shown on the “Mt.Fuji Tour Courses ”. Just select one of them. If you’d like, we can tailor your tour according to your wishes. You will find interesting places on the “Popular Sites in Mt.Fuji”. Please let us know anything you’d like to see or do through the ‘Contact Us Page

Mt. Fuji is located about 2.5 hours by bus or bus/train from Tokyo. You can enjoy climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji in the official climbing season. However, in this tour you will go up to the 5th station at an elevation of 2,300 meters by bus.  After the tour to the 5th station, you will visit the Kawaguchi lake and enjoy beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji from sightseeing boat or ropeway, visit caves such as ice, bat or wind, or visit Oshino Hakkai(the eight springs )area like a pilgrim in old days.

If you have more time, I recommend you visit some shrines or historical sites designated as components of World Heritage, Fuji san.

A guide will attend you from your hotel in Tokyo according to your request. If you need a car or bus, please let me know.

The road to the 5th station is closed due to ice or snow fall in winter and early spring. Your guide will let you know the road conditions in advance. Though you can’t reach the 5th station in winter, the season has the highest possibility to be able to view the beautiful & clear Mt. Fuji in this tour.

Transportation fee

In case you need car, please let us know.

In case you use public transportation from Tokyo, please refer to the ticket fee below.

From Shinjuku in Tokyo to Kawaguchi Lake Station by sightseeing train; about 4,000Yen (one way per person).

From Shinjuku in Tokyo to Kawaguchi Lake Station by bus; about 2,000Yen (one way per person)

From Shinjuku in Tokyo to Mt. Fuji 5th Station by bus; about 3,000Yen (one way per person)

Bus around Kawaguchi Lake; roughly 1,500Yen (per person), can be changed depending on the sites you want to visit. If you hire taxi to caves or others from the Kawaguchi Lake Station, you are supposed to pay about 7,000Yen/hour for 4 persons.

Fee for Children under 12; all half of the public transportation fee above.

Tour guide fee is as follows.

For a group of 1-3 persons; 27,000Yen

For a group of 4-6 persons; 30,000Yen

(Children under 12; Free)

Not included in tour guide fees: transportation ,admission fees and meals.

We kindly ask that participants cover these additional costs for themselves as well as for their guide.