About me (Nikko Tour)

Greetings! My name is Emiko. I’ve been a qualified tour guide for more than 6 years, specializing in Nikko and surrounding areas.
I am passionate to show and tell people about the beauty, history and culture that Nikko offers to the world, with stories behind the scene.

My clients have come from all over the world with many different backgrounds and interests in Nikko and Japan. Therefore, I have learned to make my tours as flexible as possible and customize it to their unique particular interests. I will strive to give you a rich, joyous experience with lasting memories.

I have many tour options. The most popular tour includes visits to off the beaten track, hidden away place as well as the World Heritage “shrines and temples”. So, you will have an opportunity to feel calm and quiet amongst trees, and refreshed while observing nature around you and listening to never failing flow of water.

My tours are conducted in English; however, I have a conversational level in Spanish.
I also specialize in the art of the traditional Japanese Kimono. To enhance your cultural
experience of Japan, I can arrange for you to wander around these magnificent buildings and gardens wearing Kimono.

You must be under mandatory stay- at- home orders now. I hope the content within “Nikko tour” will inspire you to plan your future travel in 2021.
I’m really looking forward to meeting you and showing breathtakingly beautiful nature of Nikko to you.